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Software for Direct Sales, MLM and Party Plan Companies

Commissions & GENEALOGY

Compensation plan programming, advanced reporting on bonus and rank. Tree and graphical downline reports.

Branded Mobile App

Elevate your brand and consultants as they run their entire business from their phone.

Journey Based Mentoring

Create personalized, real-time mentoring with alerts that drive the right action at the right time.

Configurable Promotions

100% client configurable – Zero programming required.

Open API

Create flexible and compelling new experiences with our REST and SOAP APIs.

Free Upgrades

Always be on the cutting edge of technology! With hundreds of FREE upgrades each year, you’ll never be left behind.
Women using MLM software and Party Plan software on a laptop

Tools To
Empower Your Field

Our service is about more than making user interfaces intuitive and easy to use; it’s also about, providing the tools our clients need to make smart decisions faster.

Replicated Websites & Shopping Experience

Mobile optimized replicated websites with eCommerce provide your customers with all the benefits they expect – the creation of a customer profile, promotions, related items, wish lists, product review and customer autoship management.   A “join now” page enables online enrollment directly from the representatives website.

Robust Business Portal

Create your own personalized Representative Back Office that empowers your sales team.   The Fully responsive portal enables reps to build their business with ease from anywhere while they connect, communicate and collaborate with team members, customers and upline.

Virtual parties & Electronic Invitations

Turnkey party solution including booking engine, hostess rewards,  and electronic invitations.  The party solution automatically creates a unique website for each party for simple social sharing.

Ability To Scale

The path to success isn’t just about growth – it’s also about scale. ByDesign has helped thousands of companies improve their margins by focusing on scaling. Other companies just support your growth – which means you are adding resources at the same rate that you’re adding revenue. Scaling, on the other hand, is about adding revenue at an exponential rate while only adding resources at an incremental rate. Freedom provides unlimited scale potential.









What Our Clients Say

  • As a top leader for ByDesign’s first client, I have worked with their products for nearly 20 years.  I understand firsthand the critical nature of direct selling software on the success of the field and corporate. When we launched Zilis, these were the people we wanted behind our company. hey truly understand our business and were able to translate that insight into an incredible experience for our brand.  With more than 300% growth in the past year, our systems are running seamlessly, and we are scaling with ease.  It’s great to work with a partner that makes it simple to grow.

    Steven Thompson
  • We had a relatively untested concept and did not know how quickly our business might scale, so we needed to select a decently-priced solution that could still handle rapid growth when called upon.  ByDesign had a good mix of small and large clients that eased this concern, and was competitively priced with others we evaluated.  They are continually improving the product with additional features and are  great at sharing the broader roadmap with us so we have a clear picture on how they view the future of the platform.

    Brian Glasow
    RedRock Traditions
  • We relied on ByDesign for the design & implementation of our website, back office, comp plan, vendor integration, & even advice for a number of business decisions. Without a doubt we could not have made a better choice than ByDesign Technologies. Great businesses are built on partnerships as we must be more than just clients & vendors. We at Baranta Health are looking forward to many, many years of a wonderful relationship with ByDesign.

    Dr. Ron Friedman
    Baranta Health
  • We love ByDesign!  Everyone is so friendly and helpful. We went to the new shopping cart in February and our SALES HAVE DOUBLED! The new cart is so simple- it’s great. It has made all the difference for our business. Keep up the good work ByDesign!

    Christine Marriner
    Sweet Minerals
  • I’ve used ByDesign’s software for many years, and I have never worked with a technology which is as simple to use and just runs year after year after year. Our #1 concern was never missing a payout.  The ByDesign system is rock solid.  The only thing that changes is the increased capabilities. ByDesign’s reliability, platform support, and incredible functionality amaze me!

    Kurt Price
  • As a longtime client that has experienced significant growth over the years, the service and expert support are stellar.  The compensation engine is amazing (fast, reliable, consistently accurate) – it’s invaluable to our business.   The product just works and we are proud to recommend ByDesign to our friends and associates.  The staff and executives listen closely to feedback and continually move the platform forward.

    Neal Patel
    J. Hilburn
  • The ByDesign growth model allows pure haven (Global Ventures Partners) to run our business on a platform that is in a continual state of enhancement.  As our business grows, so do our technology requirements.  ByDesign continually adds features to their system that allow us to more easily and efficiently accomplish our business needs.  This model allows us to invest more of our resources in marketing our brand and supporting our Consultants instead of needing to fund every enhancement ourselves.  The ByDesign growth model is the difference maker for pure haven.

    Char Knox
    Pure Haven

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